Comedian Jack Benny (shown here shaking hands with Harry Truman from the seat of a 1908 Maxwell Roadster) kept the Maxwell familiar in U.S. popular culture
for half a century after the brand went out of business.

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Jack Benny, Eddie Anderson, Phil Harris
and Wilbur Shaw at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1950



                     Early American Automobiles

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1915 Buick Bus


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1914 Packard Truck

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1914 Frederickson Two Passenger
Frederickson Patents Co., Oswego, NY


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Hudson , Ma.'s first fire truck was a 1913 Grout

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Louis Chevrolet Driving Buick's 1910 Bug


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Roamer-Barley line of Vehicles at Factory
Kalamazoo, Mi.


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1910 Parry Model 30 Touring
Parry Mfg. Elkart, In.


Last Ride for the Family Sedan in 1930


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Milawaukee Journal Pathfinder


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1912 Lion Touring
Lion Motor Co., Adrain , Mi.

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1912 Robinson Fire Truck, Detroit Mi., Engine 20
Robinson Fire Apparatus Co., St. Louis, Mo


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1911 Glidden Tour Pilot

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1920's Car being graced by bathing beauties

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1912 Deliver Truck

autos892.jpg (91865 bytes)

1912 Auto Parts Delivery Van

Coming to the rescue


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1910 Ford Mail Truck

autos457.jpg (54300 bytes)

A 105-year old gentleman is driving to a
baseball game in ST. Petersburg, Fl. in his Cycle Car


J. Frank Duryea (left) and Arthur Rice, at the first auto race in the United State, 1895


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Entrant in the 1901 New York Automobile Show

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1909 Ernest O. Thompson Overland Automobile Sales
Amarillo, Texas


autos734.jpg (51415 bytes)

1910 Jeffery Auto Company Employees



1909 Taft Touring

autos1658.jpg (16200 bytes)

1909 Corbin
Corbin Motor Vehicle Co. New Britain, CT


A Drive in the country with friends in a 1912 Stearns

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Nothing to do but sit and wait

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International Harvester's Baseball Team


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1910 Ford Garage. When one looks at these garages and show rooms, he can vision the wealth of the customers who visited these places. 


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1897 Winton, with a unique passenger arrangement.

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Charles Duryea in his 1895 Buggyaut


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"Want a deal that's square and real? Come inside!"


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View of Ford's assembly in 1913

autos1392.jpg (27614 bytes)

1902 Buggymobile
Fletcher Waywick, Reidsville, NC
Gilbert and Waters, New Bern, NC

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1903 Prescott Runabout,
Prescott Mfg. Co. Pasiac, NJ.


autos699.jpg (34518 bytes)

Roamer-Barley line of Vehicles at Factory
Kalamazoo, Mi.

autos422.jpg (20576 bytes)

1903 Nyberg Runabout, Nyberg Auto Works
Anderson, In. and Chattanooga, Tn.


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