Early American Automobiles

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This section of photographs were copied from the Minneapolis Historical Records
The large frameable version of these photographs can be purchased for a nominal fee from the historical society.

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autos1200.jpg (68640 bytes)

1884 Kerosene fueled automobile built by E.S. Callihan in Woonsocket, Dakota Territory

autos1286.jpg (41649 bytes)

Ralph Wilcox in a Wilcox made "Wolfe" 1910

autos1196.jpg (71607 bytes)

George Ellis with his 1892 Automobile

autos1198.jpg (74767 bytes)

Fey  Brothers' Second Car Built in 1898
First Car was built like a tricycle in 1896

autos1201.jpg (72831 bytes)

Fey Brothers' Third Car 1900

autos1215.jpg (54409 bytes)

Fey Brothers' fourth and final completed automobile built  Fey Logo on the side, 1904

autos1208.jpg (52585 bytes)

Mrs. Julia Bergstrom and daughter in a  car built by Oscar Bergstrom, Minneapolis in 1901

autos1209.jpg (58970 bytes)

First automobile in Benson, built by J.A. Benoit 1902

autos1222.jpg (75604 bytes)

Bjellie Automobile built in McIntosh, Mn.. by Ole Bjellie, 1905

autos1214.jpg (51222 bytes)

Oscar Bergstrom in his 1903   car in front of the Pence Automobnile Co.

autos1254.jpg (47114 bytes)

Mary Jones driving an automobile built by J.M Strand of Hastings

autos1269.jpg (49125 bytes)

A.A. Richardson driving his "Glide" in 1907

autos1224.jpg (83260 bytes)

1890 Electric Automobile

autos1212.jpg (108681 bytes)

Harry Wilcox and wife,  in Winnetonka, 1903

autos1259.jpg (71930 bytes)

Carl Lindy in front of Swan Turnbull's Residence in 1907

autos1199.jpg (59584 bytes)

Early Electric Car on the streets of Minneapolis in 1895

autos1197.jpg (59868 bytes)

First  Electric automobile in Minnesota driven by George Gilbert in 1895

autos1203.jpg (62308 bytes)

C.A. Baxter, Windom, Mn, riding in his
1900 Milawaukee automobile

autos1281.jpg (47991 bytes)

This man is taking charge of his Ford, 1909

autos1210.jpg (72048 bytes)

Early automobile in Redwood Falls

autos1202.jpg (70217 bytes)

Swan Turnbull in his 1900 Waverly

autos1207.jpg (71596 bytes)

Mr. and Mrs.A.S. Johnson in their 1901 Oldsmobile

autos1204.jpg (73903 bytes)

Two men with one cranking a 1902 automobile

autos1205.jpg (60645 bytes)

1904 Winton Automobile

autos1268.jpg (42443 bytes)

A.A.Richardson with  his "Glide" automobile

autos1272.jpg (61913 bytes)

Elmer Ray and his Winton automobile

autos1211.jpg (61896 bytes)

Sadie Ray and her daughterin a 1908 Cadillac

autos1217.jpg (66872 bytes)

Mrs. R.A. Gray in her Maxwell Runabout, 1904

autos1218.jpg (66030 bytes)

Dr. Emil King in his 1904 Bendix automobile

autos1219.jpg (71564 bytes)

Two children in a 1904 Franklin

autos1220.jpg (58459 bytes)

1904 Winton touring car used by the Journal Tribune to escort visitors around Minneapolis

autos1221.jpg (65832 bytes)

Man and his son in a 1904 Franklin

autos1213.jpg (72946 bytes)

Earl and Emma Ray in a 1903 Cadillac

autos1225.jpg (62685 bytes)

Three women enjoying aride in a on the Old Hudson Rd., Minneapolis in 1905

autos1223.jpg (38541 bytes)

Pence Automobile Company, Minneaoplis, 1905

autos1226.jpg (63588 bytes)

Traffic jam on the streets in Minneapolis involving automobiles, carriages , and a street car in 1905

autos1363.jpg (71768 bytes)

Wilcox Maneuvering over a rough road in in his1905 Wolfe

autos1278.jpg (70993 bytes)

Michael Dowling and a friend in this early compact automobile
in 1908

autos1229.jpg (56646 bytes)

James Robinson with his family in front of their home in
St. Paul

autos1230.jpg (51018 bytes)

Charolette Robinson on an outing in 1905

autos1231.jpg (40034 bytes)

Early automoobile with tiller steering

autos1232.jpg (14179 bytes)

Four men in a 1904 mautomobile

autos1233.jpg (58861 bytes)

Dr.Emil King driving his automobile Fulda, 1905

autos1235.jpg (67426 bytes)

Two women entering the gate at John Wilcox's
home at Lake Minnetonka

autos1234.jpg (58249 bytes)

Street scene in front of the Minneapolis
City Hall in 1905

autos1236.jpg (64585 bytes)

People surrounding an early automobile owned by the Enstrom Family


autos1237.jpg (60990 bytes)

Several onlookers of an early automobile

autos1239.jpg (54256 bytes)

Three gentlemen riding downtown in a 1905
Maxwell runabout

autos1240.jpg (59694 bytes)

A family and friends posing in a rare three
seated touring car

autos1243.jpg (57748 bytes)

Mr. and Mrs. L.L. May in their 1905 automobile

autos1244.jpg (55804 bytes)

Charles P. Joy driving his 1902 Locomobile in 1905

autos1247.jpg (65498 bytes)

Charles P. Joy in Chicago on a road trip from Chicago to St. Paul in 1905

autos1292.jpg (61622 bytes)

Edward Schoch and lady friends in a 1910 Paige Detroit

autos1248.jpg (73655 bytes)

Michael Dowling and friend parked in front of
Erickson's artificial limb store

autos1277.jpg (40813 bytes)

People seated  in a $1300 Halliday automobile in 1908

autos1249.jpg (37959 bytes)

T.W. Ingersoll in his automobile in downtown St. Paul

autos1250.jpg (60176 bytes)

Husband and wife in a Runabout

autos1262.jpg (63744 bytes)

Dr. Gertrude Stanton with friends driving her
1907 Oldsmobile that she won in a
popularity contest

autos1255.jpg (109845 bytes)

Men in an Aerocar in 1906

autos1256.jpg (62898 bytes)

Employees of O.W. Caplin Automobiles, 1906

autos1291.jpg (68790 bytes)

Two young men a 1910 Speedster

autos1274.jpg (56887 bytes)

A group of people posing with this 1908 Buick

autos1275.jpg (66450 bytes)

John Mabry and family out for a Sunday drive in
their 1908 Ford, 1908

autos1280.jpg (57985 bytes)

Dr. Ray Andrews, Mankota, is pondering what to do
with his 1909 REO

autos1282.jpg (73468 bytes)

Now this what one would call a "High Wheeler"

autos1260.jpg (44992 bytes)

DR. Leonard Weeks driving the first Ford in
Detroit Lakes in 1907

autos1281.jpg (47991 bytes)

This man is taking charge of his Ford, 1909

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