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Welcome to His World of the Early American Automobile Industry

From 1861-1929

This is the largest automobile web site on the internet with over 7000 photographs of automobiles, advertsements, and related material representing well over one thousand different manufacturers with dates and places of operations and technical  information from 1861-1929. There are over 1200 advertisements with pictures of  the cars. This web site is constructed for advanced researchers as well as for the ordinary person seeking information on certain cars. Best of all, it is free for everyone with no advertising.

In 1905, a reporter for the Automotive Industry Magazine was covering the Boston Automobile Show and was trying to describe a certain model. This is what he wrote: "Almost all cars look so much alike these days that No One can tell the difference in them from a little distance, The only notable feature that I can see on this car is the the radiator" There were over a hundred exhibitors at the show.

As much as I would like to help, I cannot tell what a model is by looking at a picture. Save both of us some time and please refrain from asking.                  
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History of the Bailey Electric Automobile


Amesbury Body Builders

Merrimac Body Builders Automobile Advertistments

Automobiles Made in MA




History of the Early American Automobile Industry   1861-1930

33 Chapters Plus




1893 Duryea Automobile and the 1895 Chicago Herald-Tribune Eace

The Real Facts About the Building of the Duryea Automobile and the 1895 and 1896 Races

Edward Joel Pennington, was one of the World's Greatest Automobile Industry's Scammers

The other one was Robert Craig Hupp, builder of the Huppmobile. Read Chapter 16


Announcing the publication of my new book in soft cover with 192 pages , 8" X 11" quality-bond paper with over 300 illustrations of automobiles and advertisements. This is one of the most in-depth research of the cars manufactured in Massachusetts. Each builder is listed under the city where the factory was located. The cover is the 1892 model Duryea that is shown for the first time. The Bay State car is also shown for the first time. A tremendous amount of the cars and advertisements have never appeared in any other researcher's publications. It has been three years in the making.

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