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This page was designed to give one an idea of the material that this web site contains. There is no other web site about the early American automobiles from 1861-1929 on the internet that comes close to what  is here. To make it easier for one to navigate to what one's interest, there is a brief description of each link.

Up until 1918, there were an estimated 2000 car manufacturers that had existed. On this site, there are over 4,000 automobile photographs and approximately 1000 different manufacturers. Each automobile has its name, manufacturer, and years of manufacturing. First page starts with the 1890's models.

Amesbury Body Makers
From 1895 Duryea to 1932 Franklin, there were 28 companies making automobile bodies in Amesbury. .

S. R. Bailey & Co.'s Carriage and Automobile History

Merrimac Auto Bodies
There were three body builders in Merrimac making bodies for numerous automobile companies.

Automobiles Made in Massachusetts
There were 160 automobile manufacrurers in Massachusetts from 1895-1929. 153 of these companies are shown with photographs and descriptions of their cars.

Automobile Advertistments
Over six hundred  advertisements from 1895 to 1921 of different manufacturers showing their cars in the advertisement.

This page has photos of some of the people that were influential in the early automobile industry.

Links on this page were saved from the many web sites that were visited during the creation of this web site.

Bailey Electric Automobile History
The history of the Bailey Electric Automobiles from 1898-1914. Articles and photos that have never been published. The most difinitive history of this automobile on the internet.

Wells Automobile Museum
This undoubtedly the best automobile for Horseless Carriage and Bras Era automobiles in the world. On this page are shown only a portion of them.

Brass Era Cars in Amesbury
Special tour  of the Autoneers with tgheir Brass Era Cars in Amesbury

1902 Thomas Automobile
in its original factory finish. Only two are known. The body was made by Biddle and Smart Carriage Co. in Amesbury.

Eddie Rickenbacker's
page is the story of his life with pictures from his time that he began work as a young man for the Columbus Buggy Factory in Columbus, OH until his retirement from Eastern Airlines. I wanted to do something to show one of America's greates heroes.

Special Automobiles
contain some of my favorite automobiles.

E.J. Pennington's,
builder of the Kane-Pennington engine and automobile, and the world's largest com artist from 1894-1911, history in the automobile industry. You will not believe it until you read it.

1895 Chicago to Evanston Race is a comprehensive story concerning this race from its conception to the finish with  pictures of all the cars entered in the Nov. 2 and 28 Nov. races.  Possibley, for its effect on the American automobile industry, it is the greates race ever.

1909 Pan Pacific Automobile Race
was on of the greatest automobile races in  American history. This site contains the day by day race from start to finish. Pictures of the cars involved and articles clipped from the June 1, to June 23, 1909 New York Times as told by the reporters covering the race. No early automobile magazines covered this race. This is the only place where this race is covered in its entirety.

1904 Ford Motor Company's response
to pending ligitation concerning  Selden patent rights.

After viewing these pages, I think that you will agree that this is the internet's largest site for Early American Automobiles. I hope that you have enjoyed your visit and will return often.

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