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It is commonly called "Maine's Best Kept Secret". I call it "A Five Star Museum with some of the rarest, most, and best variety of Brass Era automobiles in America".

Don't take my word for it, read this!
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The staff is people friendly and anxious to help


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wpe11C.jpg (19014 bytes)

1900 Wurtlizer Mechanical Band is fully operational and greets all visitors to the museum with tunes as they enter the parking area.


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Steve Casale, Museum Host and Guide; You have a question, he has the answer


wpe110.jpg (27695 bytes)

1911 Metz, Rare Three Seater Runabout
The Metz Co. Waltham, MA


wpe111.jpg (25026 bytes)

1911 Metz, showing third seat


autos2672.jpg (23960 bytes)

1911 Metz, Third Seat


wpe10F.jpg (21584 bytes)

1908 Baker Electric,
Baker Motor Vehicle Company of Cleveland, Ohio
Double sets in the rear made especially for
John D. Rockerfeller 's children, only one mad

wpe111.jpg (28445 bytes)

1908 Baker, rear view with two two--passenger seats


wpe106.jpg (23089 bytes)

1908 Baker Electric Runabout
Baker Motor Vehicle Company of Cleveland, Ohio

wpe114.jpg (22665 bytes)

1908 Baker battery compartment

wpe115.jpg (33771 bytes)

1906 Ford Stanhope Runabout Model N
Ford Motor Co., Detroit, Mi.
1903- Date


wpe112.jpg (25815 bytes)

1908 Atlas Runabout
Atlas Motor Car Co. Springfield, Mass.
wpe133.jpg (18977 bytes)

1908 Atlas, Front View

autos2671.jpg (20593 bytes)

1908 Atlas, Rear View


wpe116.jpg (26478 bytes)

1905 Cross Engine Franklin Touring
H.H. Franklin Mfg. Co. Syracuse, NY


wpe106.jpg (26277 bytes)

1905 Cross Engine Franklin Touring
H.H. Franklin Mfg. Co. Syracuse, NY


wpe117.jpg (33093 bytes)

1910 Brush Runabout
Brush Motor Car Co. Detroit, MI


wpe118.jpg (33444 bytes)

1910 Brush Runabout, Side View


autos2703.jpg (23103 bytes)

1907 White Steamer
White Sewing Machine Co. Cleveland, OH

wpe118.jpg (28332 bytes)

1905 Grout Touring, Rare
Grout Bros Automobile Co. Orange, MA

wpe11C.jpg (32422 bytes)

1905 Schacht Runabout
Schacht Mfg Co. Cincinnati, OH


wpe11D.jpg (24645 bytes)

1905 Schacht,  rear compartment


wpe132.jpg (22554 bytes)

!905 Schacht Engine

wpe119.jpg (27109 bytes)

1902 Thomas Touring
E. R. Thomas Motor Co. Buffalo, NY
Only two known and this one has never been restored

wpe11F.jpg (26053 bytes)

1902 Thomas front secton

wpe120.jpg (24162 bytes)

1902 Thomas Rear section

wpe122.jpg (32525 bytes)

1902 Thomas Front End

wpe128.jpg (31747 bytes)

Rare Victorian Coin Operated Message Game


wpe118.jpg (16840 bytes)

On the left is a table model steroptican viewer and a strength testing machine on the right.


wpe129.jpg (24203 bytes)

1904 Stanley Runabout
Stanley Mfg Co. Newton MA
Body by Currier, Cameron, and Co.
Amesbury, Ma.


wpe12A.jpg (24328 bytes)

1905 Rambler Roadster
Thos. B. Jeffery Co. Kanosha, WI 1902-1913
Rambler - Nash Motors Co. Kenosha, WI 1950-1954
Rambler - American Motors Corp. Kenosha, WI 1954-1970


wpe116.jpg (28429 bytes)

Oak Arts and Crafts Style Oak Piano


wpe117.jpg (19768 bytes)

Show Case of Automobile Models and Early Automobile Lamps

wpe12E.jpg (23214 bytes)

1912 Pathfinder Roadster
Motor Car Mfg. Co. Indianapolis, IN


wpe12F.jpg (17836 bytes)

1916 Adams Racer, All original
George Adams built it to race in the
1916 Indianapolis Race, but missed the entry deadline.

wpe11A.jpg (24060 bytes)

1910 Ford Speedster

autos2718.jpg (28280 bytes)

1901 Orient Buckboard
Waltham Mfg. Co. Waltham, MA

Original factory golden oak finish
Body made by Currier, Cameron, and Co. Amesbury, Ma.


wpe11D.jpg (21184 bytes)

Front View

wpe11E.jpg (18550 bytes)

Rear View


wpe120.jpg (22000 bytes)

1902 Winton Touring
Winton Motor Carriage Co. Cleveland, OH



wpe123.jpg (27647 bytes)

Winton Rear Section


wpe121.jpg (22035 bytes)

Winton Front End


wpe122.jpg (19235 bytes)

Winton Middle Section

wpe111.jpg (21300 bytes) wpe125.jpg (21122 bytes)

Plenty of games for the children to marvel over


wpe126.jpg (21783 bytes)

1928 Auburn Boattail Sporster, Rear view
Auburn Automobile Co. Auburn, Indiana


wpe127.jpg (24460 bytes)

1928 Auburn Boattail Sporster, Front View

wpe126.jpg (14171 bytes)

1918 Stutz Bearcat Roadster
Ideal Motor Car Co. Indianapolis, IN


wpe129.jpg (19581 bytes)

Another View of the Stutz Bear Cat Two Person
Roadster or Coupe


wpe12A.jpg (25333 bytes)

1907 Stanley Runabout Reart View

wpe128.jpg (28054 bytes)

1907 Stanley Runabout Front view
Stanley Mfg Co. Newton MA
Body by Currier, Cameron, and Co.
Amesbury, Ma.


wpe12C.jpg (28432 bytes)

1907 Stanley Runabout, Right Side


wpe12D.jpg (24079 bytes)

1911 Maxwell  Runabout
Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Co. Newcastle, IN,
Tarrytown, NY, and Detroit, MI
1904 - 1925


wpe12F.jpg (25807 bytes)

1909 Sears Runabout
Sears Motor Car Works Chicago, IL


wpe130.jpg (29229 bytes)

Sears Runabout, Rear View

wpe126.jpg (18874 bytes)

Early 1900's Metal Red eal Battery Sign


wpe127.jpg (18878 bytes)

Arts and Crafts Style 1900 Oak Mechanical Piano


wpe107.jpg (22058 bytes)

1920 Templar Touring
Templar Motors Corp. Cleveland, OH


wpe116.jpg (25272 bytes)

Early Steel Toys

autos2653.jpg (26303 bytes)

1909 Pierce Arrow
The George N. Pierce Co. Buffalo, NY


wpe117.jpg (23033 bytes)

Right Side view


wpe118.jpg (34485 bytes)

Junkyard Game and Stereoptican Viewer


wpe11A.jpg (23696 bytes)

1900 Indian Motorcycle with its original Indian impressed tires


wpe11D.jpg (22726 bytes)

1900 Arts and Crafts Upright Disk Music Player

wpe11E.jpg (24010 bytes)

1905 Oldsmobile Touring

wpe120.jpg (16708 bytes)

Die Cut Sunoco Motor Oil Advertisement



wpe121.jpg (20099 bytes)

1909 Smith Motowheel Motorcycle


wpe122.jpg (16590 bytes)

1950's Coin Operated Automobile  of the 1905 Style


wpe123.jpg (19438 bytes)

Mechanical Horse from 1950's

autos2738.jpg (20533 bytes)

1960's Coin Operated Boat

wpe10F.jpg (29671 bytes)

1912 Hupmobile Runabout
Hupp Motor Car Corp. Detroit, MI Cleveland, OH


wpe131.jpg (25147 bytes)

1912 Hupmobile Runabout,  Rear View


wpe11E.jpg (19069 bytes)

Atwood Automobile Lamp Made by Arwood Mfg. Co.Amesbury, Ma. Atwood was second largest makers of Automobile lamps with Gray and Davis being the largest in the world, both of Amesbury, Ma.


wpe123.jpg (23587 bytes)

1908 Internatonal Touring
International Harvester Co. Chicago, Ill.
1907- to date \


autos2730.jpg (16260 bytes)

Atwood Name Plate

autos2800.jpg (18884 bytes)

Coin Operated  Trickle Ball Machine


wpe136.jpg (36140 bytes)

27 " Regina Floor Model Coin Operated Msic Box


wpe13B.jpg (25139 bytes)

wpe13C.jpg (11506 bytes)

wpe124.jpg (23313 bytes)

1908 Buick Touring
Buick Motor Co, Flint, Mi.



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